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fenerbahçe 1980-1982) Şükrü Sarı graduated from Galatasaray High School in 1947. He was principal at various schools of the National Education Ministry and was appointed to the position at Galatasaray High School in 1980. In the same year, the Galatasaray alumni launched a proposal to form a foundation for the re-organization of the school’s management structure. He was principal of the Civil School for 16 years and made a number of significant improvements during that period. March 23, 1910 to July 7, 1912) Salih Zeki Bey, a great mathematician, was appointed as Principal of Sultani on March 23, 1910. Before Sultani, he worked as a teacher in various schools, as well as in a number of technical positions in the observatory and the Post and Telegraph Ministry. April 15, 1872 to May 28, 1873) Vahan Efendi was appointed as the Undersecretary of the Justice and the Principal of Sultani on April 15, 1872, simultaneously after having served in various positions at the justice department of the Ottoman Empire for many years. 1982-1987) Graduating from Galatasaray High School in 1942, Süreyya Günay was appointed as Principal of Galatasaray High School in 1982 after having worked at the General Directorate of External Affairs of the National Education Ministry.

April 1, 1878 to October 1, 1879) Halil Efendi was trained in foreign affairs and held various posts in the correspondence and documentation agency before being appointed as Principal of Sultani on April 1, 1878. During his tenure, he re-opened the law and the bridges and roads engineering schools that had been closed and reopened many times in the past, alongside the literature school. He was very much loved and respected at the school thanks to his calm and compassionate manner and succeeded in preventing interventions by the autocratic government. Toward the end of 1929, he was elected to the parliament as a deputy from Maraş province. September 1, 1929 to April 9, 1933) Fethi İsfendiyaroğlu began his career in 1914 when he graduated from the school. Besim Gürmen tried to repair the damage caused by the resignation of Fethi İsfendiyaroğlu. Fethi İsfendiyaroğlu was appointed as principal for the second time in July 1951. However, he resigned after eight months following a number of incidents that brought the authority of the principal into question. October 2, 1879 to October 3, 1880) Karaca Pasha was appointed as Principal of Sultani on October 2, 1879 after having worked as a civil servant in various institutions, such as the foreign and national defense ministries.

The engineering school was relegated to the level of the Roads and Bridges Engineering Faculty. In 1933, he was appointed as principal of Galatasaray High School. While he was head of the Constitutional Law department of Istanbul University’s Law Faculty, he was appointed as Principal of Galatasaray High School on February 15, 1993. This took place after Prof. Bedri Bey has been appointed again as Deputy Principal when Faik Bey was Principal in our school, and after his departure Bedri Bey became Principal. Sava Pasha left his post on January 26, 1876 and was initially appointed as the Mediterranean Islands Governor and then Foreign Minister. February 1, 1894 to July 21, 1908) Abdurrahman Şeref Bey, one of the first Turkish graduates of Sultani, began his career in education and worked as a teacher in various schools, including Sultani. He left the school after only a short time, on February 24, 1923, to work as a scholar at the Civil School and Law School. However, following the death of Ali Pasha, he was left unprotected and underwent severe attacks.

He was a calm and intellectual person, but was known to be absent-minded. He used his tenure in a very positive way, making fundamental changes in the educational practices and administration. He passed the exam to become the Ottoman language teacher of Mektebi Sultani (a very competitive field). In those difficult days, he ensured the continuation of normal and uninterrupted education at Sultani. Tevfik Fikret succeeded in completing the construction of the new building in a short time and, during this process, a number of important facilities such as a conference room, physics lecture hall, library, and laboratories were added. He was then arrested and sent into exile in Kastamonu. In that time, the school was temporarily moved to Beylerbeyi. In this period, he began publishing his poems in several literature magazines, most notably in the Servet-i Fünun (Wealth of Sciences). He also worked as a visiting scholar at the Department of Political Science of University of Minnesota (summer of 1995). He worked as an assistant professor between 1988 and 1998 at the Political Science and International Relations Department at the School of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Boğaziçi University.

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